Saturday, January 1, 2011

Quantum Ice Cubes

My frozen world is very nice:
I've made it from some cubes of ice
I cut and measured more than twice;
I didn't simply "roll the dice".

This frozen world's my universe
Made from assertions, often terse,
Describing it in prose and verse
Where simple's better; detail's worse.

An ice cube tray is my template,
A tool I use to pixellate.
While some might say I desecrate,
I'd say, instead, I help create.

The cube tray sides, they all exist
Because of forces that persist:
The "good" and "bad" things which resist
Soon sublimate out of the mist.

The world resolves thus, from this dance
Of sorting out from happenstance
The blocks that build each circumstance
As Occam's razor shaves off chance.

Now, from these words, please take this thought:
When sorting fact from what is not,
Each tool we use, each concept caught,
We force to fit a pre-formed slot.

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