Monday, August 27, 2012

Quantum Praise

I resolved to pay attention to a glimmer from your eye
That made me think I saw a wink and wave as you passed by;
I measured my perception and a particle of fact
Became the information that my consciousness had lacked.

I offered my awareness of the message that you sent,
And took the risk of disambiguating what you'd meant.
I wanted to determine if your "yes" I'd ever know,
But doubted that your beauty, once distilled, could tell me so.

Pursuing ever deeper, I tried hard to tease apart
The substance of the figure that was calling to my heart.
I sought to differentiate your meaning for my brain,
But though I'd grasped your digits, I pursued your soul in vain.

Releasing, then, my need to know exactly where you stood,
I finally admitted, I just know that you are good,
And swoon from all the artistry I watch where you create,
While choosing praise and wonder for my role in our shared fate.

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