Sunday, November 10, 2013

Flirting with Heaven

I stand above a precipice, legs shaking with the rush,
But know I cannot fall or jump: I'm waiting for a push,
Or, rather, for a pull and lift into a lofty flight
On angels' wings where I could never go with only might.

I've climbed here from the valley, though so much of me remains
Amid the darkest shadows and the forest of my pains.
I'm waiting for a sunrise that will bathe my heart and soul
In healing rays, evoking praise that I might be made whole.

O Heaven, won't you take me? I'm not asking to depart
From Earthly occupations if at least you'd take my heart.
The joy I know awaits me, with such joy I now await,
But nothing less placates me, til I'm taken by this fate.

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