Wednesday, December 17, 2014


I like to like the likes of you
And all the fun you post and do,
But some don't like the likes of me
Or that I like too liberally.

'Cause when I find that we're alike
In what you think or where you hike
Or something else that makes me smile,
I rarely pause to think a while...

Before I click, 'cause we do too...
At least, I'm rather likely to.
But now I've found, to my surprise,
Some likes, unlike my smiles, aren't wise.

I know, I learned, some time ago,
That harvesting of clicks can show
My details to folks I don't know,
So now I'm careful doing so.

And now, a new thing that I've learned:
"Too many likes" have sometimes turned
A friendship into being spurned
By those afraid of being burned.

Unlikely, though I would have thought,
I should like lightly, sometimes not
A single click - which ain't a lot -
Should dare be risked when things are fraught.

(Copyright (c) 2014 Reg Harbeck - all posts on this blog are Copyright (c) Reg Harbeck)

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