Thursday, January 6, 2011

Back Up

I had a dream the other life
That data flooded all the world
Until, with cybermind, 'twas rife
And flagged a future, now unfurled.

I had a thought and wrote it down,
Or rather, typed it on the 'net:
Would all that's human simply drown
In cyberfloods, or just be wet?

I had a flash of nervousness
When thinking of how we rely
On PC's to avoid distress
While trusting them in all we try.

I had a nightmare that the earth
Encountered a magnetic storm
And suddenly, all cyberworth
Just disappeared, in every form.

I had a flashback to the days
Before the first computer's time
And realized the many ways
We've dug so deep we'd fear the climb.

I've had computers often crash,
And saved the backups which saved me,
But if they all went in a flash,
I wonder where we all would be?

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