Wednesday, January 5, 2011

Free Will

If I could choose to fly unaided, how my life would change:
Above the clouds and mountains, over land and sea I'd range.
I'd have to be quite careful, though, to make sure to arrange
To never drop my self or things, or else I could derange.

If I could swim forever on a single breath of air,
And plunge to ocean depths to see the treasures hidden there,
I'd learn so much and earn so much, it just would not be fair
To everyone who couldn't - if I didn't choose to share.

If I could write a rhyme that made it clear that we can choose
Within the limits of ourselves the ways we win or lose,
Responsibility would be the message that I'd use
To illustrate we have free will; life's not just to amuse.

Now, I can't just use logic in a proof free will exists,
And, Heisenberg's Uncertainty should not be on your lists
Because inscrutability is merely darkened mists,
And yet responsibility demands free will persists.

It's true that I can't fall or sink without a consequence,
But I can choose the way I jump or swim so it makes sense.
Free will means I'm accountable, a meaning that's immense:
It means the things I do are choices, not just accidents.

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