Tuesday, January 11, 2011

Constructive Despair

Hope is underrated, and it comes in many forms.
Sometimes we can see it, but at times it has to hide.
When we hope for goodness in the midst of lethal storms,
Our survival may not count as much as how we tried.

Life and work bring challenge that can seem like shadow, deep:
Jerks and creeps oppress us, no one fixes what's unfair.
But, if we rebel by staying true to hope, we leap
Through our darkest journeys, doing good despite despair.

You may say it's wrong to juxtapose despair and hope,
Since they're polar opposites: you cling or you let go.
I contend despair enables you to lose your grope
After what can't happen, while you grip the good you know.

Funny things, then, happen as we stick with what is good:
Suffering and loss may come, but we remain unmoved,
Holding fast to what is right, till all have understood:
Our constructive efforts leave our context much improved.

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