Monday, January 10, 2011

Context, Independent

The practical problems of "simple" and "true"
Are just the beginning of freeing our wills.
Beyond choice and conscience, and consequence too,
Is context, which underlies, backstops and fills.

We're creatures of context, it makes all the rules,
And though you can change it, it can't be removed,
It brings us our boundaries, gives us our tools;
Without it, no logical fact can be proved.

The problem with context is, so much depends
On context-based matters, we simply can't bring
Control of our choices or meeting our ends
Outside of it: context includes everything.

The limits our bodies face bind us with air
And shelter and water, and movement and scale,
Till prospects for freedom of choice seem unfair,
Yet choose free, we must, lest humanity fail.

All of this points to the fact that we strive
To be limit-free, independent and whole
Unhindered by context, so free will can thrive;
The practical upshot of this is the soul.

So, once again, logic just doesn't suffice
To prove or conclude we have souls that are free
From context's requirements and entropy's price,
Yet free will demands it, inevitably.

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