Monday, January 10, 2011

Pre-Cursor Post-Mortem

Today, I type. My cursor blinks.
I get to click on lots of links.
And while cell keyboards make some vexed,
Most everyone knows how to text.

It wasn't very long ago
When everbody had to know
The pen and pencil's written ways;
It's odd to think we've left those days.

So long, to cursive's written hand
We'd all submit for speed's demand.
Today, we type with greater speed
Eliminating such a need.

Besides, handwriting did impede
The ease with which we all could read,
For, not just doctors' chicken scratch,
But much of ours was hard to match:

The a's and o's, e's, r's and i's
Oft left us feeling much less wise,
From peaks and loops to sloping lines:
Snowflake-unique, obscure designs.

And so, if texted spelling's weird,
Still, writing hasn't disappeard,
And literacy's still alive,
But maybe cursive won't survive.

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