Monday, January 3, 2011

You, Me and Quantum Solipsism

You talk to me, you read my rhyme
I sense your presence all the time
And yet, I wonder if it's true
It's just a shadow more than you.

And, somehow, in your universe,
In which I hope nothing is worse,
The person whom you read and see
Is not quite who's the real me.

Each measurement or choice we make,
I wonder - does it really "take"
And split reality in two,
And cleave us further? Wish I knew...


  1. Yes Reg, it's me, it's really me.
    At least the me I let you see.
    I'm peaking through my universe
    At what's revealed in your blog verse.

  2. When systems meet, the interface
    Results in details, endlessly.
    It's clear this constantly takes place
    When life meets with philosophy.

    We try to solve the world around
    With simple thoughts and puzzled mind
    And yet, a human touch, I've found,
    Is often all we want to find.

    So, thank you for your thoughts in verse,
    They're thought-provoking, and they're fun,
    Brief and pithy, but not terse,
    Affirming that my blog's begun.