Saturday, January 22, 2011

Fractal Frontiers

A person, a language, a culture, a cell:
They each, with integrity, act like a whole,
While being a subset with others as well:
A system, or holon - a thing with a role.

When system meets system, a third will emerge:
A complex relationship dance of details,
From their interaction, to help them converge,
Or be what's not working when anything fails.

This third system's fractal, and by that I mean
Simplicity's missing from how it behaves:
It's endless, a journey that can't be foreseen,
Down pathways and side roads that nobody paves.

Now systems like language and numbers and law,
Synthetic, with purpose, when optimized may
Diverge from this value, revealing a flaw;
So constant correction's required lest they stray.

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