Friday, January 21, 2011

Other Accidents

A major cause of accidents
And unexpected happenstance,
Is often unforeseen events
Occurring, also, just by chance.

So often, in our daily lives,
We look to causes and effects
That simplify how life arrives,
Avoiding what no one expects.

This isn't how the universe
Behaves, however: though the rules
That science finds, we may rehearse,
Still anti-patterns make us fools.

A nail, a shoe, a horse, a car,
Each follow physics as they work,
But none will take you very far
When sidelined by some unknown quirk.


  1. An accident is a positive feedback loop.

  2. Unknown, unexpected, these accidents range
    Through good and bad outcomes we just can't forsee;
    They're like an "attractor" we often call "strange,"
    Except when they wander itinerantly.

    Does that make them positive? Yes, when they thrive,
    Despite when their outcome is less than desired.
    And maybe a loop, if the way they stay live
    Is through reinforcement without getting mired.

    So, thanks for your comment, it shows careful thought,
    And gives me a chance to think further as well;
    Such things, unexpected, help build what I've got
    Until I have new things I'm ready to tell.